Visual Studio Monochrome – Part 1

To a developer, bugs are things like, returning the wrong value, or a textbox being disabled where it should be enabled. Or when you’re given the honour of a 20 minute audience with the CEO to show him the brilliant new settings dialog you just spent 2 months writing and after 3 seconds it crashes. Continue reading “Visual Studio Monochrome – Part 1”

Office Programming in .NET: The Easy Way

Imagine you’re a .NET developer working for WeLikeReports inc. Suddenly you get taken over by BigCompany Ltd, and the new managers want to review all your documentation. Yes, I know, you never got round to writing the documentation. Just pretend you have some. All your documentation is stored as Word documents which happen to be headed with your old company name WeLikeReports, and your line manager thinks it’d really impress his new boss if that was replaced by the text BigCompany Ltd in every document. Of course you’re the one that gets asked to do the work. And being a developer, the idea of manually making the same edits to dozens of documents fills you with horror so you look for an automated solution.

Welcome to the world of Office programming.

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