Dear computer: I INSPIRE YOU.

Since my career is moving from straight programming towards teaching programmers (Yes, the Pluralsight C# Collections Fundamentals Course is coming soon…), I’ve realized I occasionally need to communicate with people by some means other than email. So I recently enrolled on a class aimed at improving your voice for public speaking. (Yeah, I know, I felt that merely putting people to sleep in technical talks wasn’t enough. But if I had enough voice skills to put people into a coma….). Continue reading “Dear computer: I INSPIRE YOU.”


Happy Not-Your-Birthday

So you’re reading this. That means you’re probably an IT person. So you don’t need any reminding that that you should give as little information about yourself as possible to strange organizations. The fewer databases there are that hold all your personal details, the fewer opportunities there are for the bad guys to hack in and steal those personal details.

And even aside from the security considerations, isn’t it just annoying when you register on a website and the website demands that you spend time typing in information about yourself that the website clearly does not need to know.

But of course there is an obvious defence against this: Continue reading “Happy Not-Your-Birthday”