The Two Types of Collection

When I was at university our very forward thinking lecturer (Dr Bacon as I remember) introduced us to the most amazing up-to-date programming environment: C on UNIX. Storing an item in a collection meant declaring an array, or if you are really being adventurous, using malloc to dynamically allocate memory. That was it. Back then it was practically state of the art. As well as making for the kind of excellent training that you curse at the time but realize 10 years later you should be eternally thankful for having been made to do it.

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The Windows 8 Start Screen: Is It Really Evil?

When my partner (not a programmer) first saw the Windows 8 Start Screen, with all the big flashy icons, supposedly replacing the old Start Menu, her reaction was ‘wow cool!’ She was somewhat less amused 10 minutes later at the discovery that there was no convenient start button to click, and definitely irritated when she discovered how hard it had become to shut the computer down. She no longer uses Windows 8.
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